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Do you have a business problem that needs solving?

The world has changed overnight.  Speed, agility and access to the best advice and talent is critical, now more than ever. 


That's why we created Amphi Global, built by INSEAD alumni, for alumni.  Quickly connect to independent specialist consultants across a broad range of industry, functional and technical domains.

Get matched with a trusted and impartial sounding board, get support for new or ongoing initiatives, have a general executive sparring session, or fill critical interim or permanent roles, all from within our incredibly talented & diverse INSEAD alumni community.


Built by INSEAD alumni during the covid-19 pandemic, Amphi Global was created by alumni volunteers, to help fellow alumni in senior executive roles to access advice and expertise from fellow alumni who are currently working as independent consultants and advisors.  Launching in beta in the UK,  we hope to scale to new geographies over the coming months. 

We believe in Business as a Force for Good.  Consultants have agreed to donate time, so your first session is free of charge.  We encourage you to make a donation to INSEAD instead, as our aim is to create a virtuous cycle.  After your initial session, you can define a further engagement together if required.  


INSEAD encourages alumni-led initiatives that help drive positive impact throughout our community and that support its mission in promoting business as a force for good.

We thank the NAA UK for their support in this Force for Good initiative.

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   How it works   

Book an Amphi Global “thought-partner”.  S/he will seek to help refine and/or structure approach around any of the following themes:

  • Hypothesis Testing

  • Problem Solving

  • Product or Business Launch

  • Resourcing Needs

Advisors will also be able to offer non-privileged business or industry insights which could
better inform executive decision-making.


Meet our advisors

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Thank you for scheduling a complimentary session with a specialist consultant who is also an INSEAD alum!

Especially during times like these, we believe in the power of giving back to our community to support its mission in promoting
business as a FORCE FOR GOOD.

If you believe in this too, please make a donation
to the INSEAD Fund.


   Join Us   



During beta, we are launching with a limited number of advisors, whilst we improve the processes.


If you wish to help and donate time to this initiative please email us at hello(at)


If you want to join as a specialist independent consultant, register your interest by joining the LinkedIn Group.  Just click on the icon below.


This is a volunteer run initiative, and as such we thank  you for your patience.